The best thing about life is art.  At ACHILLES we take art seriously.  We are named after the main character in the greatest work of art of all time, Achilles in the ILIAD of Homer, a poem/story so good they are making movies of it thousands of years after it was written.  We make films, plays, books, poems and stories, and we produce a festival called LIPS, or THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL POETRY AND SONG FESTIVAL.  My name is Richard Deakin, the director of ACHILLES PRODUCTIONS, and I became involved with the international Beat movement after ANGELS STILL FALLING, my play about Jack  Kerouac, was produced to rave reviews, Critics Choice and so on (see THEATRE).  After the ANGELS reviews went out I was invited to Beat orientated festivals in New York, Paris and Holland.

The LIPS festivals are the English manifestation of that same Beat movement and feature musical genius DAVID AMRAM (seen on the far left in the photo above with some of his legendary friends) playing behind the poets as he played behind JACK KEROUAC when Jack and David introduced jazz-poetry to New York in 1957.  We believe a song is a poem, and music and poetry go together.  (see POETRY) LIPS features poems with Amram playing behind them, and songs with bands behind them.  When David and I and New York uberpoet BOB HOLMAN were interviewed on BBC TV news in 2001 about the first LIPS, David remarked: “Poetry since the time of Homer has been linked with music.  Jack and I were just trying to revive that ancient tradition.”  Achilles again! (see LIPS FESTIVAL).

We have just completed a new film, THE WEB, which features RAMJOHN HOLDER (PORKPIE off DESMONDS) and a great cast, and is beautifully shot by by the great DoP, CHRISTOPHER HUGHES, who shot films for Derek Jarman among others.  Feature films in development include SOME KIND OF DARKNESS, a road movie thriller with a background in the War on Terror, the screen version of the Kerouac saga ANGELS STILL FALLING and a new version of Conrad’s  HEART OF DARKNESS.  (see FEATURE FILM PROJECTS)

In THEATRE we are developing “the Modern Trilogy”, about Kafka, Pound and Kerouac respectively. We also have PROPERTY and THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.  And finally the 3 novels: THE WICKED LORD BYRON, WAYLAND SMITH, and THE TRAGEDIANS OF THE CITY (see FICTION)

L to R: Muhammed Ali, Buffy St. Marie, Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman,Harold Smith,Stevie Wonder, Marlon Brando, Max Gale, Dick Gregory, Richie Havens, David Amram

Richard Deakin, Director, Achilles Productions Ltd.