We have several theatre plays to offer, including the original stage version of ANGELS STILL FALLING, a play about the epoch-changing writer JACK KEROUAC, his friend NEAL CASSADY and other members of the Beat Generation.  David Amram,  who introduced jazz-poetry to New York in 1957 playing with his friend Kerouac, remarked on reading the published play (Beat Scene Press 1998) “You have captured the nobility and tragedy of Jack’s life.”  The production of ANGELS was nominated as CRITICS CHOICE in TIME OUT and received a host of RAVE REVIEWS (click for link). 

ANGELS is part of a trilogy of plays called the MODERN TRILOGY, and THE VORTEX OF THE WILL (about Ezra Pound and his circle, and the inventors of modernism.)  Without Pound we would probably not have heard of either James Joyce or TS Eliot... We trace his early idealism as founder poet of the modern tradition, his lapse into fascism, his confinement in a mental institution in order to avoid his execution for treason, and above all his continual identification with ODYSSEUS with whom he shares the “nostos”, the longing for home.  YEATS and JOYCE are his friends, along with GAUDIER, the artist who forged the iconic marble head in the picture above.  This play was last staged at THEATRE DE LA HUCHETTE, Ionesco’s theatre in Paris (see VORTEX - PRINCIPLES OF VERSE sample scene. ) JOSEPH K SPEAKS WITH THE ARTIST (about Kafka’s life and work) is an exploration, through the story of Kafka’s iconic novel THE TRIAL and the character of Joseph K and his alter-ego FRANZ, of what might make an artist (in this case Kafka) ask that his friend Max destroy all his work after Kafka’s death.  I love THE TRIAL as a book, but have been slightly dissatisfied by dramatisations of it - even Orson Welles’s superb film.  I decided to tell the story focussed through the episode where Joseph K meets the Artist and revisit the whole story - and Kafka’s life - through the encounter when Joseph K speaks to the artist... (see extract - THE DOOR TO THE LAW)


Top: Australopithecus Africanus, the carnivorous ancestor of humanity; L to R: Jack Kerouac on the cover of ANGELS STILL FALLING, Franz Kafka, Ezra Pound, Gaudier Brzeska’s Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound, the Battle of Dunkirk - illustrating in turn  THE TWENTIETH CENTURY - about the rise and fall of humanity, the 3 plays of THE MODERN TRILOGY- about Kerouac, Kafka and Pound, and PROPERTY about the neverending struggle for territory, featuring Gerrard Winstanley, the Second World War, and contemporary youth.