a sci fi film project by

Richard Deakin

(based on the novel

of the same name)

The story of “Wayland the Smith” has its origins in a two thousand year old Norse folktale.  WAYLAND SMITH explores history through the psychological perspective of  Wayland, an immortal Viking deity.  The back story concerns the tribe of superior aliens who were shot out of the sky by their enemies and fell to Earth to become the Norse Gods.  The alien gods’ fascistic enemies, the Org, follow them down, which is why earth history seems so interfered-with .   There are two main points of view: Wayland’s,  and that of his mortal lover, Lisa, an American student whom he has met in London on the cusp of the millenium.  Wayland, after a thousand years, must wake the sleeping Norse gods for the final struggle of the Ragnarok.  He takes LISA to be the reincarnation of his long-dead love, Allwhite.  We flash back and forth to 2000 years, to an idyll in the forest between Wayland, his two  brothers and the “swan maidens” they have married.  The swan maidens  disappear one day, and when his brothers set off to find them, Wayland  stays alone in his workshop, working on his marvellous rings.  Brokenhearted, strung out on alcohol and drugs, Wayland is kidnapped, hamstrung, and enslaved by Nidhad, an ambitious neighbouring king.  Then Wayland exacts his terrible revenge....

This will be part one of a trilogy, showing the onset of the RAGNAROK in the new millenium.